Cars that suit their name

Nissan Cube

The Nissan Cube is a curious character, I haven’t seen a car like it, they almost look like a car post body kit transformation from a Pimp my Ride kind of outfit. It is billed as a front engine, 5-door hatchback and you can get it either with front wheel drive or four wheel drive. It is built on a Nissan B platform and is related to the Tilda and the Versa. The Nissan Cube is very cube looking car, every angle seems to be a right angle. The Cube saw it’s final days in 2014 and was discontinued for the 2014 model year. Second hand Nissan Cube models vary between £2,790 and £6,495.


All Minis

Mini is another that really seems to suit the name, however there is one that has a derivative that is also fitting, the Mini Paceman. It looks like a Mini Evoque, with the sloped roof looking a little more pacey than any of the other Minis. The Paceman also makes me think of Pacman, for obvious reasons, and I can really imagine a game where Pacman is replace by an animated Mini Paceman.

Model Range - 5 models 1200 x 480

Jeep Patriot

What kind of things do you start thinking of when you here the word Patriot? The military, global warming denying obnoxious yanks, you’re right to bare arms and your right to pollute the world. I think the Jeep Patriot ticks all those boxes, I can imagine it being used in the military or secret service to transport the president, I can also imagine an obnoxious yank driving it. Having said all this, I actually really like the patriot and think the name suits the perfectly! Unfortunately the Patriot it going to be discontinued next year, but it will be replaced by a new Jeep model which is exciting.


Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender looks like a car that would do just that, defend you. Defend you from the elements and any treacherous road conditions, it even looks like it could defend you from a bullet (disclaimer: it couldn’t) in the form of relentless attack. It has been described as unbeatable off road. The Defender will be discontinued this December after 67 years of production! Though I assume that the second hand Land Rover Defender will be in circulation for many years to come


Nissan Figaro

The Nissan Figaro is an old school classic and its name couldn’t be any more fitting; it is camp, liberal looking, it is flamboyant and it is very summery looking. It is a two door convertible city car. It was designed by Naoki Sakai and put into production in 1991. Only 20,000 were ever built though there are plenty second hand Nissan Figaro deals online, and they are still pretty cool, with a number of celebs (kind of)  driving them including the really good looking bird from the Saturdays… and Vanessa Feltz.



A few other notable cars include the Volkswagen Scirocco, though I’m not sure why, I think it is probably because I don’t know what a Scirocco is or whether the word even existed before VW, so obviously the only thing I associate the word Scirocco to is the Volkswagen Scirocco, ergo the Scirocco suits its name. Oh and while I’m on the subject of Volkswagens and cars that suit their name just because, the Volkswagen Lupo is another one.