Are Electric Cars all they are cracked up to be?

I found an interesting green car post the other day about a man who owned a 2012 all electric Mitsubishi I-Miev which he swapped for a 2014 Chevrolet Volt which had a gasoline engine. The gist of the story was the guy made a statement claiming that all things considered, he believed he would use less gas with the Volt than he did in his all electric car over the course of the year. Obviously this sounds a little odd, for how could you possibly use more gasoline as the owner of a car that doesn’t use gasoline in the first place? The reason behind it comes down to the persons lifestyle.


First off he did a fair few road trips with substantial luggage including a motorbike, and due to the fact that the second hand Mitsubishi I-Miev wasn’t capable of doing these kind of workhorse tasks, he had to rent a van for them, which aren’t known for their fuel efficiency. Meanwhile in the Volt, he could attach a trailer, and make the drive in that with a much higher fuel efficiency.

Owner Ben Rich had this to say about the hybrid Volt and how it fits in with trying to be green.

Overall the Volt is a great car for people who need greater flexibility in their driving range. It’s a comfortable car with good acceleration, comfortable seating, great climate control, and modern styling.

I remember having a similar discussion with my sister in-law when she was thinking of buying a second hand Smart City Coupe, I knew it wouldn’t suit her lifestyle which is a factor that needs to work in harmony with the car if you desire efficiency. I guess what I took away from this article is that when making the choice to ‘Go Green’, you should consider all the different variables so your effort to do good isn’t in vein. In the end my sister in law did just that, she got the smart city coupe despite my advice, and less than a year later traded it in for a second hand Volkswagen Fox.